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Meet Our Team

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Amanda Tezyk, APRN, BSN, RN

Amanda is a Board Certified Nurse Practitioner with a specialty in Family Practice, which means she is ready to assist clients of all ages. She is highly skilled in her practice. With a background in Emergency and Urgent Care medicine, Amanda brings a wealth of skills and clinical knowledge to BR Rejuvenation & Hydration Therapy, LLC. With an approach that puts an emphasis on wellness, she treats her clients with compassionate, personal, and expert care.

Steven Tezyk, Firefighter/Paramedic

Steven is a dual certified Firefighter/Paramedic with more than 12 years of experience in the field of Emergency Medical Services. His expertise is second to none. He brings top of the line skills and clinical experience to BR Rejuvenation & Hydration Therapy, LLC.

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Josh G, Firefighter/Paramedic

Josh is a highly skilled medical professional with 15+ years of experience serving Southwest Florida. Josh brings a wealth of experience to BR Rejuvenation and Hydration Therapy, LLC and their clients.

Kyle A, Firefighter/Paramedic

Kyle is a compassionate and experienced Paramedic who has served the community for the past 5 years. Kyle brings his knowledge and experience to the clients of BR Rejuvenation and Hydration Therapy, LLC.

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Meet the Team: Meet the Team
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